Set size on Modal? Also button to access local app?

I’m wondering what the different options is for the maxsize in modal? The example only write md is it anymore then that?

Also, I want to open a application for the user trough the PSU dashboard is that even possible?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.4.6

To answer the first part of your question about modal size: If I am struggling to find a list of all available options for a command, either in the docs or out on github, I often find it easiest to just put in something that I know will not work, and then let the error logs tell me what I should have done. For example, if you do something like this:

    New-UDButton -Text 'Full Width' -OnClick {
       Show-UDModal -Content {
          New-UDTypography -Text "Hello"
       } -FullWidth -MaxWidth '100'

The Log file will tell you not only where you went wrong but will offer you advice on what you should have chosen:

[03-12-21 08:53:01 AM] An error occurred: Cannot validate argument on parameter ‘MaxWidth’. The argument “100” does not belong to the set “xs,sm,md,lg,xl” specified by the ValidateSet attribute. Supply an argument that is in the set and then try the command again.
Endpoint: b422f31c-7665-489e-8665-a04fc14b54a9