Set Background of filters in Table

Afternoon All,

I have been working on and and off on a Dark Mode theme that is almost done, and I am pleased with the results so far! I am however running into an issue trying to set the background color of filters in a table. Here is a screenshot of how my current them works when i hit a table:

The problem that i am seeing (and i could be way off base here) is that the background of this seems to get a randomly generated Java tag which is making it tricky to try to identify the mui override in the theme section of the dashboard. I have tested (in dev tools in edge) manually setting the RGB values for background-color in the jss block, and it works just like i would hope! the question is how do i translate that to PSU?

In this example, box shows up as .jss61:


If anyone has any suggestions for changing the color here, it would be appreciated!

Thank You,

Evan Costa

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.10.2 (MSI installer)