Security Update: PowerShell Universal CVE-2023-49213

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Does this not affect 1.6.x?

We have a site running that is considered “to complex to upgrade” :laughing:

I would argue that Adam is not mentioning v1 or v2 because they are outdated and no longer supported

Indeed, I expect that as well.

Confirmation would be nice though :slight_smile:

It looks like the same vulnerability was present as far back at 1.5. I just checked the source.

If your PowerShell Universal trial license was affected by the Security Update, please reach out to the Ironman Software Support Team at Product Support - Ironman Software. We will be able to provide an extension to your trial license.

I applaud the speed you guys patches CVE’s.

But as every update since the release of 4.2.1 has introduced site-destroying bugs, we are still running unpatched on most of our sites.

I think I might be cursed in that regard.

QA needs to improve