SecretManagement - Thycotic Secret Server

I found a post or two in the forums referencing Thycotic Secret Server. I’ve also read Thycotic’s documentation on their Secret Server module.

I just want to make sure I’ve got this straight, since there is not a SecretManagement module for Secret Server, it looks like I’d have to script a process to sync the secrets I want from Secret Server into the local vault? I cannot access Secret Server directly as you could with Azure Key Vault, as shown here? Or can I?


Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.5.1

Does Thycotic support REST API’s? That is how I interact with our password/secret management, just standard invoke-restmethod.

Yes, there is a Powershell module for it too that basically powershell-izes the rest-api.

I just thought it would be slick to have it built in like the other SecretManagement integration and Azure Key Vault integration.

It possible to create your own extension vault. Here’s an example from the PS team’s GH repo. The idea here would be that you would use the Thycotic module and wrap it in some functions that the secret management module understands.

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Great, thanks Adam! I’ll do a deeper dive into this once a few of the other basics that I’m struggling with are water under the bridge. Cool to know that it’s possible!

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