Scrollable Tabs in 2.11.1?

Hi folks,

I’ve been trying to get a multi-tab view for a dashboard page to display more results but I seem to be limited to 10 for the time being as the tabs don’t seem to want to display the scroll bar.

I currently have it written as New-UDTabs -Variant 'Scrollable' -ScrollButtons 'Auto' -Tabs { [...] } but even when I load more tabs, it doesn’t display as I would expect. Likewise when I set the ScrollButtons parameter to On. When I load more than 10 tabs, the content just spills over and looks weird.

Is this the expected behaviour for scrollable tabs or have I missed something?



Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.11.1

You’ll need to restrict the size of the parent so the tabs can’t grow forever. For example, you can use a container.

  New-UDContainer {
        New-UDTabs -Variant 'scrollable' -ScrollButtons 'auto' -Tabs {
            1..20 | % { 
                New-UDTab -Text 'Item One' -Content { New-UDTypography -Text 'Item One' -Variant 'h2' }

Then the scrollable works for me.

I do notice that the Variant parameter is currently case sensitive so I’ll open an issue for that.

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Ah! Yes, once I wrapped in a container it stopped the spill-over issue, and then changing the Variant and Scrollbuttons parameters to lowercase made the scroll buttons appear as intended.


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