New-UDTab -ScrollButtons

Sorry for spamming you with potential bugs tonight…
I’m just playing around with New-UDTabs, I’ve thrown down a bunch of tabs inside it so it’s wider than my page allows and then I’ve tried using the param ‘-ScrollButtons’ but I’m not seeing any change in behaviour when its set to on or off.

UD 3.8.0

I can answer my own question, I was being an idiot. Realised I needed -variant ‘scrollable’ for this to work :slight_smile:

Just a thought, maybe it’s worth defaulting the ScrollButtons to auto if Variant scrollable is supplied (or vis versa) so that both dont nessesarily have to be provided?

I did just notice if I use all three:
-Centered -Variant scrollable -ScrollButtons auto

Then, it stops the tabs being centered, thats probably expected but maybe a dynamic param set could clear confusion to those who might not realise

Yeah. I agree. This should be cleaned up.

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