Script job allways show same error in output

Is the error msg in the screenshot a debug text or something is not right?

If you’re running this in IIS, you need to set the API URL parameter in appsettings.json.

"Api" : {
   "Url" : "http://myiisserver:1234/"

thanks for the quick answer.
Not running IIS, but running PU service with an AD account.
the same setting maybe is needed as well?

Again, thanks, I added the setting for API url, and no error any more :slight_smile:

sorry, I was too quick.
I still see same errors even I changed to fqdn in the setting, but the script is working… so I am confused :slight_smile:

It looks like the AppToken that is being used by that job doesn’t exist any more or has expired.

The way that this works is when you start a job, an app token is assigned to the job based on the identity of the user that started or scheduled the job. If that user’s app token expires, you will see this error because when the job starts up we provide the job with information about the job, script and schedule that started the job. We probably should improve this but the immediate work around is to revoke the app token for the user and issue a new one.