Running Python in PowerShell Universal

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I can’t shake the feeling that if this gets the right attention it will bring in a lot of Python developers and usage will explode :slight_smile:.

I look forward to trying this. If I can utilize Selenium with is it will be a massive win for me.

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The powershell module for Selenium doesnt cut it? GitHub - adamdriscoll/selenium-powershell: PowerShell module to run a Selenium WebDriver.

If not then I think we should be able to ping the developer somehow!

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Was testing out PSU 4.2 for the Custom environments and it works great. The only question I have is how can you pass in variables or any other type of data. I tried creating an API as shown below

Invoke-PSUScript -Script 'Preprocessing\' | Wait-PSUJob
$Job = Get-PSUScript -Name 'Preprocessing\' | Get-PSUJob -OrderDirection Descending -First 1
Get-PSUJobPipelineOutput -Job $Job
Get-PSUJobOutput -Job $Job

The only part of the API that doesn’t work is “Invoke-PSUScript”. The get job output works as expected. Was wondering if this cmdlet would be updated to run .py scripts.

Additionally im curious if there will be something similar to how Parameter’s with Powershell ask for input will be added. Either by var = input() or var = system.argv

Thanks in advanced