Remembering Table Filtering Options after refresh?

I have a table that I am using -FilterType select on a few columns. I have two questions (1 I think might be a bug) both related to refreshing the Table. To refresh the table, I have it wrapped in a New-UDDynamic and refresh it with a New-UDButton that -OnClick does a Sync-UDelement on the Dynamic.

  1. If I specify an ID (New-UDTable -ID ‘TestTable’), Filtering behaves oddly after a refresh. If I have a column filtered, when I click the refresh button the column returns to its unfiltered state (expected) but the filter I have selected stays selected (unexpected). Then if I want to filter again, I have to unselect the filter and selected it again. This ONLY happens if I assign the table an -ID manually.
    I’m assigning the table and ID because I’m doing a Get-UDelement -ID ‘TestTable’ to get the selected rows. My currently workaround is:
    $testtable = New-UDTable -Data $testdata
    Get-UDElement -Id “$($”
    If I do this to get around setting a -ID, filtering works as expected.

  2. Is there any way to store selected filters and re-aply them after a refresh? The report I generate is manipulated but selecting rows and changing data, so the table refreshes quiet often, and it a bit of a pain to have to keep reselecting filters.

  1. This does seem like a bug. I’ll open an issue for it.
  2. This seems like something we can improve. I don’t think there is a great way to achieve this at the moment. I’ll open an issue for this too.
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Is there any place I can go to track this bug so I know when and what version I’ll need to get it fixed?

still an open issue.

Thanks! I see thats for the feature request, but I don’t see one for the bug. Should I go ahead and submit one for that?

No you don’t have to since its not a bug its an enhancement for PSU,this feature was available back in Universal Dashboard version 2 when tables was based on Grids so this feature needs to be implemented for PSU.

I was referring to issue number 1 of my original post that adam said was a bug, which is the problem with the filter breaking if you give the table and ID