PSU 1.4.1 - PSCredentials not available in scripts

Hello there !

I just updated to PSU 1.4.1 and noticed that script ain’t getting their secret variable data anymore, even though I created a Environment for it and updated the script.ps1 with -Environment.

Any Idea ?

This has been fixed in 1.4.2. Secrets weren’t getting added to environments at all so we decided to push a new build to production.

@adam with 1.4.2 it’s still the same unfortunately, variables are accessible except secrets that are “null or empty”

I noticed, as well, that PSU somehow removes “-Environment” params from “New-PSUScript” cmdlet.

Rollback to 1.3.2 :frowning:

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Looking into it.

I have seen the same behavior after upgrading this morning.
I am able to access the secrets by importing the module manually in the script and using Get-Secret.

Is it possible the module has to be included in the environment and if so would we have to place it in the modules directory for it to load?