PsScriptPad seem a little rogue

Thought I do a short little script to test out PsScriptPad. It seems to have a mind of it’s own. For instance, I try to load a XML file and it is expecting the input to be in the binary location of PsScriptPad. Seems it should default to the path of the script that is being executed and not the binary location of PsScriptPad.

The console is not allowing input not sure if it should. If that is the case, don’t give me a PowerShell prompt.

The Run selection is not working for me. Click the > does nothing. Highlight all the code and click > does nothing.

Wow. That does sound really rogue. Can you give m a little more info about your environment? Version of PS you are trying to run against etc? Anything interesting in your profile?

As for the PSScriptRoot, I think setting it to the script’s folder makes sense. I can add that to the backlog.

The PowerShell console should definitely have a prompt. It should behave just like PowerShell.exe or Pwsh.exe. The fact that is doesn’t makes me wonder about the Run selection now working. Seems like something is stuck…

Hi Adam,

Tried again and getting same results. Here is a screen snapshot of what I was trying to do. Nothing too sexy (just kicking the tires). Both PowerShell 7 and PowerShell 5 are installed.

After clicking the run selection (with nothing selected), I just get a console prompt as shown, but the console is not accepting input. I do have a fairly large profile but don’t think there should be anything in it to cause problems.