PSCommander widgets not working when multiple screens are connected

As the title states. When i have more than one monitor connected, widgets are not getting loaded.
Am i missing something obvious here?

I’ve tested this across windows 10 & 11, both behave in the same way.
If i disconnect all but my primary monitor, widgets starts working as expected.

This should be working. Can you share your monitor configuration? I’m curious about the layouts and resolutions. A screenshot shot of the layout might be nice.

Hi Adam,
Ofcourse, i have tested two different layouts. This is my current setup at home.
Primary monitor is 2560x1440 the secondary is 1920x1080

At work i got 3 screens connected all at 1920x1080 i’ll share it when i arrive at the office.

EDIT: I’m unable to upload another pictures as i’m a new user. But i was correct my configuration at work is Windows 10 21H2 3 monitors at 1920x1080


Hi Adam,
I was wondering if you were able to reproduce this issue?

I’ve given up, I cannot pinpoint why it wont work for me across multiple computers.

Best regards,
Rasmus Brandt