PowerShell Universal v4.0 Beta 2

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The second box being 2x2 pixels larger here is driving me nuts :smiley:


What the heck…

I really need to find some time, to finally try some nice v4 functions. It’s really awesome, how the universe, and the law of attraction worked for me. I was thinking about some features, that are coming in v4. I already started / finished building some of them. And now… they are already build and will be integrated in v4, without needing to code anything :rofl:

The logging module looks nice, it’s giving logging options that are almost the same like my own Powerhell logging module and functions. My module has some some functions that’s running between the script and the default Powershell related functions.


My module was build, with the idea to make it easy to add different logging and Powershell Universal was one of them. Currently integrated outputs are “host, file, csv, json, sql, eventlog” and wanted to connect the JSon output to Powershell Universal and add Syslog output for *nix and Mac. All module output’s, must be possible to integrate with a minimal code and just needing a parameter like "-systlog, -api (PSUniversal).

And because of the already integrated JSon output, it must be easy to integrate with the Powershell Universal logging system, I think.

But… What do you think about adding the possibility to allow the Ironman users, to add some extra grouping / custom named categories to the logging module? For me, as a MSP, for example I like to add a group “client”, “device type”, “OS”, maybe “app” to the logs, what will expand the already existing category node.

It’s just a idea, but if it’s already implemented by design, it will be very easy to extend the logging for every type of situation.

Thanks a lot for this product!