PowerShell Universal real time results

PowerShell Universal does not show the results in real time.

Both the Job & the Output screens show the results only after the script complete its run.

Is there a way to fix this?

This is a problem in the UI. Results are reported in real-time but you may have to click off the output tab and back onto the output tab to get it to refresh.

Tried that several times. My script runs for 20 seconds: it writes 4 times to the host and to the pipeline every 5 seconds. The results (both ‘Output’ and ‘Pipeline Output’) are shown only at the end - no matter how many refreshes I tried during its run.

Ok. Maybe something has happened that we need to fixed. I’ve filed an issue and will have it looked at.

Thanks. Besides I noticed neither IE nor Edge are supported. They show blanks screens. But at least for me this is not critical.

Hi. Did you have a chance to check this?

Yep. We reproduced this. The problem was we were only saving the log after it go to a certain size. We’ve changed that now to flush the log after every 5 seconds the job runs. The reason we do this is to improve performance. You should now see more real-time results in the next version of PSU.

This is great, thanks a lot! Pls send me a link to a beta version with this fix as we are now doing POC to your product and this is a key point.

Our nightly releases can be found here: https://imsreleases.z19.web.core.windows.net/

Just downloaded and tested PowerShellUniversal.1.5.0.msi (build ID 326595950) and it solves the problem.
Auto refresh is indeed done every 5 seconds. Well done, thanks!