Powershell universal agent\proxy

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.9.16

We have two domains in out environment.

I need to execute commands on another domain, different AD, etc…
I open access from our psu server to the DMZ environment that on another domain.

The problem is that I cant run powershell as different domain user without trust between the domains.
Trust between the domain is not an option…
Tried using invoke-command to the server I try to execute command on but without luck.

I see there is an “Agent” environment option on psu, but there is no information about how to use it.

Basically, I want to use “proxy” psu agent\server for executing commands on different environment from my main psu server.

Any suggestions how to accomplish it?

Any Ideas?

We currently do not support running the agent environment remotely. It is only for running external PS scripts without having PS7 installed. You could accomplish this with event hubs.

I’m using PSU 3.X, unfortunately its only available in v4.