PowerShell Universal - 4.2.4

PowerShell Universal - 4.2.4

Release Notes


  • Fixed an issue where Get-UDPage could return pages from the wrong app.


  • Fixed an issue with the PowerShell serializer when saving schedules with splatting enabled (#2866)


  • Fixed an issue with submitting forms on Pages


  • Fixed an issue with Windows authentication in IIS when attempting to access the admin console.
  • Fixed an issue where creating a new module in the admin console would return the error “Value Cannot Be Null (Parameter ‘s’)”
  • Fixed an issue where using the certificate thumb print for a certificate with a subject that didn’t start with “CN=” would fail to load the certificate.
  • Fixed an issue where New-PSULoggingTarget could not be called remotely.


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Scheduled.ps1 are no longer malformed, but Jobs are still not executed, I wonder if the timezone is relevant for the issue.

Hangfire correctly sees the jobs.

and also displays that the job has executeed

No job is created in PSU though, and the actions in the script doesn’t execute