PowerShell Universal - 4.2.21

PowerShell Universal - 4.2.21

Release Notes


  • Fixed an issue with the roles field in the endpoint docs modal (#3303)


  • Fixed an issue where error messages would be written twice in the output log (#3305)
  • Added -ComputerGroup alias for -Queue on Invoke-PSUScript


  • Fixed an issue where the system would open an unnecessary amount of runspaces on startup
  • Fixed an issue where runspaces would not always be garbage collected
  • Added Jwt__RoleClaimType to appsettings.json to support alternate claim types for roles
  • Fixed an issue where configuration scripts would run twice (#3304)
  • Fixed an issue where system logs would be verbose if SystemLogLevel was not defined (#3282)
  • Fixed an issue with CookiePrefix and BasePath (#3307)


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Working on a redeploy of this release with proper signing. Certificate expired…