PowerShell Universal - 4.2.19

PowerShell Universal - 4.2.19

Release Notes


  • Fixed an issue where swagger types could show up in multiple documents (#2830)
  • Fixed an issue with OpenAPI types in Swagger documents (#2948)
  • Fixed an issue with authenticated OpenAPI docs and JWT tokens
  • Fixed an issue with OpenAPI docs not reloading types properly (#3193)
  • Fixed an issue using tabs in OpenAPI docs (#3180)
  • Added error messages when OpenAPI docs fail to load


  • Added -InformationAction and -ErrorAction support for Invoke-PSUScript -Wait
  • Added script name to the Script \ Jobs page to support nested jobs (#3272)
  • Fixed an issue where showing the timestamp in a jog log would cause an error (#3277)
  • Fixed an issue where canceled job could get stuck in cancelling state even after a server restart (#3164)

PowerShell Apps

  • Fixed an issue where scheduled endpoints would not run properly (#3273)
  • Fixed an issue using -OnRowStyle, OnRowExpand and -LoadData with New-UDTable (#2848)


  • Setting git sync interval to 0 will now disable the automatic sync (#3232)
  • Fixed an issue with proxy configuration
  • Fixed an issue where Remove-PSUVariable would not work in -Integrated mode (#3281)
  • Fixed an issue with logs for roles (#3227)
  • Fixed an issue with log entry timestamp display in the admin console


Did anybody update successfully with this update and not have issues? I just want to make sure before we do.

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So Far So Good.

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rejoice for my PSU based run tracker!