PowerShell Universal - 4.0.6

PowerShell Universal - 4.0.6

Release Notes


  • Fixed an issue where X-Forwarded headers were not processed correctly by the Kestrel server when a remote reverse proxy was used.
  • Added -LogGroomDays to Set-PSUSetting
  • Fixed an issue where log messages would not be groomed properly
  • Fixed an issue where the LiteDB database could become corrupt after some time when running in Azure using Azure File Shares.


  • Fixed an issue where -Height on New-UDCodeEditor wouldn’t have an affect (#2525)
  • Adding md to Size to New-UDIcon (#2528)
  • Fixed an issue with -Options in New-UDChartJS wouldn’t apply properly
  • Fixed an issue where saving an app page would return a 500 error (#2531)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the App Live Docs to display an error toast on some pages.