PowerShell Universal - 4.0.10

PowerShell Universal - 4.0.10

Release Notes


  • Fixed an issue where specifying an invalid environment could cause multiple API to fail to load. Now falls back to integrated and shows a warning (#2591)


  • Fix issue with min\max on New-UDDatePicker (#2580)
  • Fixed an issue where the MUI X license key was expired
  • Fixed an issue with New-UDSwitch -LabelPlacement should be start not left (#2601)
  • Breaking: Query string values are now passed in via a $Query dictionary rather than as variables to avoid potential injection issues


  • Added -PreformattedJobOutput to Set-PSUSettings to improve performance of large job output


  • Fixed an issue where default values for form textboxes didn’t work (#2592)


  • Fixed an issue where deleted computers could be displayed in the Run As dropdown (#2593)
  • Fixed an issue where 1 day rate limits would actually define a 24 day rate limit (#2594)
  • Fixed an issue where canceling a git edit with a missing repo directory would fail (#2599)
  • Fixed an issue where TCP and UDP logging targets would not configure properly through the admin console (#2600)
  • Fixed an issue where app tokens set to never expire would not authenticate properly (#2598)