PowerShell Universal - 4.0.11

PowerShell Universal - 4.0.11

Release Notes


  • Endpoints will now attempt to read form data even if the HTTP client doesn’t specify a Content-Type header (#2612)
  • Fixed an issue where authenticated event hub clients would not receive events.


  • Fixed an issue where the app designer would add 2 IDs when the ID of a component was changed (#2589)
  • Fixed an issue where the default choice for PromptForChoice would throw an exception (#2607)
  • Fixed an issue where Get-UDPage would throw an exception if the page was not found causing the entire app to fail to load (#2610)
  • Fixed an issue where UDTreeView selected items were not visible in the default dark theme (#2613)
  • Fixed an issue where expired tokens would cause -GrantAppToken to fail to generate a new token
  • Fixed an issue where recursive object paths could cause an app crash (#2627)
  • Fixed an issue where -OnLoadOptions and -Multiple wouldn’t show selections in New-UDAutocomplete (#2604)
  • Added -Options to New-UDTableColumn (#1097)
  • Fix New-UDAutocomplete to look at options for defaults (#2583)


  • Fixed an issue where unauthenticated pages would clear out the form data after 3 seconds (#2611)


  • Fixed an issue where no error was shown when there was a failure to save a translation file (#2618)
  • Fixed an issue where database git sync could run into an OutOfMemory exception (#2620)
  • Fixed an issue where an exception was thrown while attempting to groom an expired apptoken that was used by a job (#2621)
  • Added universal-modules docker image tag (#2624)
  • Added Download System Logs button
  • Implemented a database recovery feature if the LiteDB database is corrupted
  • Resources are now marked readonly in the admin console (#2587)
  • Fixed an issue where variables with a role wouldn’t show up for admins unless it had the Administrator role
  • Fixed an issue with the log viewer not retaining filters when sorting or paging.
  • Fixed an issue with the documentation links in the admin console


Thank you again @Adam for adding the ‘Modules’ Container for download.

With AZ.Keyvault and AZ.Modules preloaded on boot I am not able to use KeyVault secrets on boot without any aditional code.