PowerShell Universal - 4.0.1

PowerShell Universal - 4.0.1

Release Notes


  • Fixed an issue where ChartJS would not display data properly (#2463)
  • Fix small size for switch (#2354)
  • Fixed an issue where apps with -Component parameters would not load properly (#2458)


  • Fixed an issue with viewing scripts in folders (#2418)
  • Fixed an issue with folders when a module was installed via the admin console


  • Fixed an issue where log entry time stamps were not displayed correctly (#2460)
  • Fixed an issue where Demo mode wouldn’t display the default dashboard correctly (#2461)
  • SameSite=None cookies are now optional
  • Fixed an issue where accessing PSU remotely would not work with some browsers


im happy doing exe builds of my PS+winforms GUI application. On Windows …im eager to have it working on MacOS. I hoped MS would have a story for win->mac GUI via .net maui but theyve gone silent. So … im considering Powershell Universal …but it requires a server host, right? Any chance of enbedding the module as part of my exe build?