PowerShell Universal - 3.5.5

PowerShell Universal - 3.5.5

Release Notes


  • Fixed an issue where dashboards would hang on startup if something requested input from a user


  • Fixed an issue where runas credentials would not work with non-admins
  • Fixed an issue where runas credentials would not work in desktop mode
  • Fixed an issue where stderr would not be redirected to job output
  • Improved job debugging to output to the console


  • Fixed an issue with the agent environment where it wouldn’t properly load the PowerShell SDK


Can confirm that I am able to use the Azure modules from the Agent environment now.

It’s interesting that if you want to call Get-AzAccessToken you need to call Connect-AzAccount -Identity again (which makes sense since the Azure connection is per-process) but we’re still able to access PSU secret variables without connecting to Azure even though they’re from the Azure vault. Does PSU load all the secret values at app startup or something?

The PSU secret variables are actually loaded from the main PSU process rather than directly in the agent process itself so that’s why that doesn’t need to reconnect.

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