PowerShell Universal 1.5.12

We’ve identified a show-stopper bug with PSU 1.5.11 and decided to release a 1.5.12 to resolve the issue before it affects too many customers.

If you are not using manually run automation jobs, you will not be affected by this but if you are, you will need to upgrade.



  • Added $AccessToken and $IdToken variables for accessing OIDC and WS-Fed tokens within dashboards.



  • Fixed an issue where manually executed jobs would continue to run after completing.


  • UDv3 - Fixed an issue with UDProgress where an error about an invalid constructor would be shown.
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Hi Adam,

Where is the download for 1.5.12.

I can’t see it on Downloads - Ironman Software or nightly builds.


We had an issue with publishing last night: PSU version 1.5.12 is not available anywhere to download - #2 by adam

It’s on the way

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It’s available: Downloads - Ironman Software

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