PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio 2017 Not Hitting Breakpoints (version 5.4.8)

PowerShell Tools (not Pro) for Visual Studio 2017 version 5.4.8 will not stop at breakpoints. It simply executes the entire script. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling the extension, rebooting, creating a new solution/project, and even explicitly calling [System.Diagnostics.Debugger]::Break().

I don’t know what version I was previously on, but it worked at some point in the past, until I upgraded. I could not find a previous build to download, to see if that fixed it.

I have PowerShell 5.1.18362.752 installed, if that matters. (On Windows 10 1909).

I’m not familiar with how to do any further diagnostics, so if there is something else I can check, please let me know.


Ben Langton

Hey Ben.

I just released version 5.4.9 today that should resolve this issue. Please let me know if it does.


It does appear to be resolved.

Thank you!