Powershell Tools Context Menu Not Appearing

Hi Adam,
I downloaded and installed Powershell Tools for VS 2019.
When I first used it, I was able to select part of my Powershell script, right click, and get the Powershell Tools context menu so that I could Execute Selection. Now, however, I am not able to get the Powershell Tools context menu to appear when I select part of my script and right-click.

It sounds a bit like the extension isn’t activating for some reason. Do you have syntax hightlighting and intellisense when this is happening/

Yes, Intellisense and syntax highlighting is working in the PowerShell script window in VS.

That’s weird. Are you working in a PS1 file or a PSM1 file?

PS1 File. FYI, here is the right-click context menu that I am getting:

Do you have a PowerShell Project open or are you using Folder View?

Good question because it turns out that was the problem.
I just now realized that I had opened the folder instead of the project/solution.
Once I opened the project/solution I am now getting the correct context menu!
I came over here to let you know and I just saw the question you asked. :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help!

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