PowerShell ProTools EXE Packager - multiple ps1 files

Tool: PowerShell ProTools EXE Packager / Visual Studio CODE
Version: 5.17.1


I’ve one root ps1 file which calls other sub ps1 files using start-job -filepath … and argumentlist.
These sub ps1 files are not getting packaged into the exe.
I’d like to keep this structure as present.

– plugin\sub1.ps1
– plugin\sub2.ps1
– plugin\sub3.ps1

$var = “.\plugin\sub1.ps1”
start-job filepath $var -argumentlist xyz

I’m not sure how to accomplish this, can somebody give me an example?



The problem here is that the packager is not packaging scripts that are passed to Start-Job. I’ll put it in our backlog to implement this type of packaging. We use static AST analysis to determine the scripts to package and this isn’t part of the evaluation.