POSHPRO Packaging outside of Root

Tool: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, PSScriptPad, PowerShell Module

So I was trying to put all of my subforms into a subforms folder and they dot sourced just fine when in the folder but when I went to package the packager couldn’t find anything that was outside of the Root package dir. I read through the docs on it and couldn’t find any reference to go off of. Did I do something wrong or is the packager not able to package linked files in subfolders?

Root = ‘C:\GITHUBREPOS\mainform.ps1’
subforms folder C:\GITHUBREPOS\subforms\

It should be able to find those. Can you share an example of your dot sourcing so I can give it a shot?

There are several functions i use to open subforms and each has a format like this:

The main form uses this:

Ok. Thank you. I will give it a look.

I can reproduce this and I’ve put together a fix. Currently in the release pipeline.

Thank you! You’re the best! Will I have to manually update vscode extension or should it be automatic like the previous fix with the resources file?

Sure thing! Glad to help. It should be automatic. It usually takes a bit to get posted to the Marketplace and then for your local VS Code instance to pull the update.