Pointers for the Basics of debugging crashes/exceptions during Dev

VS2019 Community
Trying to build a basic windows form to learn the concepts.
Putting code (constants, functions) in a few different script files and . running them just to learn how everything fits together.

Sometimes when I F5 run the windows form comes up. I play around with the code in the constants file and F5 again, Visual Studio flashes, and then nothing. Similar to a failed build with C# but I can’t figure out where to start to see what it’s unhappy about. Comment out the . run of the constants file and it may or may not work. Fiddle around a little more and then it starts running again.

I know you can’t “solve” the issue with these descriptions but instead I’m trying to figure out how would I start troubleshooting these “crashes” or failed starts. Log files? Specific output windows?


My suggestion would be to look in the logs in the %AppData%\PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio. I’d also take a peek in the PowerShell Interactive Windows and Output windows for any errors.