Persistent Theme?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.7.12
IIS: Nested

Dark and light mode persist when you refresh the page. How do you get the theme to persist?

If i set it to something, do i have to cache it somewhere and retrieve and then set it on reload?

If the current theme that is set is not handled in the same way as light and dark mode, then we need something like Get-CurrentTheme, so that we can set the theme on dashboard load, but where would you store it so that it works the same way as light/dark?

@adam, Is this an enhancement request?

I’m assuming you are calling Set-UDTheme and then restarting the dashboard and it loses the theme that was set?

If so, then I think this is actually a bug. I think you shouldn’t have to manage that yourself and it should remember the theme that was set.

Yes, set-udtheme, then refresh does not keep it set :frowning:

Not restarting the dashboard, Just hitting F5

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