Dark/Light Mode v2.7.2

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.7.2

I just upgraded to v 2.7.2 tonight from 2.5.5. One of the fixes I was looking forward to was that light/dark mode selection was supposed to be retained over sessions (I think I saw that fix in 2.6). What I am finding now is that if I change to dark mode and manually refresh the page, it reverts to light mode in that same session.

We use local storage to store the light mode setting so it should be retained. Do you have the -DefautlTheme property set? We also match the light\dark mode setting to that of the admin console so if it is changed in there it should also reflect in the dashboard.

So I haven’t changed any of the settings in my dashboards when I upgraded to 7.1.2 this weekend. I just find that for some reason it isn’t keeping that info anymore. I checked the local storage, and I don’t see that being toggled when I toggle light/dark mode on 7.1.2, but do see it on 7.5.5.

I actually can reproduce this. The problem is that the toggle switch is incorrectly storing it in sessionStorage rather than localStorage. I’ve put a fix in for this and will be available in 2.8.