Permission/Access denied to dashboard

so we created a dns entry in replacement for the psu server (localhost), thus, having the url for the dashboard like - http://aap:5000/dashboardproject/Home - i can access the dashboard just fine (after logging in) using a private browser on the psu server. but i can’t from another machine and it says -

Access to aap was denied
You don’t have the user rights to view this page.

we’ve already fixed the firewall from the psu server. how can i access the dashboard from another/remote machine or assign permission to the dashboard?

How are you hosting the dashboard and what kind of authentication are you using?

the db is in psuserver01, the aap dns entry is pointing to this server. for the authentication - i’m using my admin account ‘domain\admin’ on the ‘run as’ setting of the db - not sure if this is what you mean for authentication. on the remote machine, i logged in using the same admin account and tried accessing the db on the browser.