Paperbase theme styling

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.2.13

Im using paperbase as theme for my dashboard.
I want to disable some certain style property for all object in the page.
I want this underscore to be not visible until mouse pointer is over this field.


Im able to achieve it for given element by applying such style"

$understrike_textbox_disble_style = '.css-101u0or::before {border-bottom: none} '

Where css-101u0or is different for different objects (text box, select, dropdown etc)

How do it “globally” (set for page). I can track css names with devtools and set ud style for every object but its not the smartest way to do it

ok as usually i will answer myself :slight_smile:
to apply style for an object of given type, you must get then property that is right before this css construct - in case of text box it is

 '.MuiInputBase-adornedStart::before {border-bottom: none}'

to apply for all objects in the card, you must get then property that is two steps earlier than before this css construct

'.MuiInputBase-formControl::before {border-bottom: none}'

where full path from devtools is:

'MuiInputBase-root MuiInput-root MuiInput-underline MuiInputBase-colorPrimary MuiInputBase-fullWidth MuiInputBase-formControl MuiInputBase-adornedStart css-1gw2tye'

Please look at New-Udstyle which is documented. This is the key to changing the appearance of any particular component