Package script as executable in VS Code from Github Repository

Is packaging a script as an executable when working in VS Code from a remote github repo supported? when I attempt to package, I get an error:

A system error occurred (ENOENT: no such file or directory, scandir '\repo\folder')

Maybe I’m just doing it wrong, it works fine with local files of course.

When you say remote github repo, are you connecting to this somehow in VS Code besides cloning the repository to your local machine?

Yes, I am using the GitHub Repositories extension, so I am remotely browsing/editing the repo directly from VS Code. Since the files are not local, I imagine packaging stops immediately because the local file/directory doesn’t exist. Guess I was just wondering if the functionality is supported in a way that like saves a temp version of the script somewhere and then packages it and reinjects it into the repo, but seems like that’d require a bunch of git integration stuff.