Package exe, without packaging to a single file


I edited the official message, to much text I think… If your interested, you can always check the message history :wink: Here is the short version:

Is it possible to build a exe, without packaging a single file? I need to run a Powershell Exe, around 50 time every 2 hours and that feels like impossible with a package file from 100 till 200 MB.

So I was thinking, if it’s already extracted like when building a exe and you check the “bin\out” folder (by disturbing the build process), not all Powershell 7 files will/need be read. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I hope someone knows it, because in a small test. Where I running the merge script, and press CTRL + C, just before the new single exe file is finished. It will stop the build process and don’t removes temp files from te build dir.

My single bundled exe becomes in dir:

And because I interrupted the process, it did not cleanup the directory it was bundling to a single file:

So I did try if this one was working and it looks like there are no problems.
The last one is not 100 MB + and loads much much faster, for this situation.

In the bin folder there are all project files and configurations, so I was hoping it was a config setting to tell the builder to finish without single exe.