October 2021 Product Updates

It’s Update Tuesday!

We’ve released PowerShell Universal 2.4 and PowerShell Pro Tools 2021.10.0! Some highlights below and more on the blog post.

PowerShell Pro Tools

  • Refactoring in Visual Studio
  • Pester 5 support for the VS Test Adapter

PowerShell Universal

  • Folder Support for Scripts
  • Tags for APIs and Dashboards
  • Module Info for Environments
  • Admin Console Home Page
  • Variables in Pages
  • New Form Controls for Pages
  • Button Columns for Tables in Pages
  • External API Support for Pages
  • Setup Cmdlets
  • Local Developer Licenses




A small heads-up, the changelog link from the Downloads page has a 404
GitBook: 404 (ironmansoftware.com)

This one from the blog post works
Changelog - PowerShell Universal

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@adam I upgraded our test environment to 2.4.0 and everything looks good. This version’s new features and bug fixes look great! I’ll do prod on Thursday.

We have a rather complex PSU environment so I wouldn’t be concerned about upgrading to this version.

I do believe I found a small bug - the management API for querying a specific App Token does not return data. I get a 404 error

Ah man, I even see the bug in the code. I’ll get this resolved.