New-UDTransferlist Scrollbar

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.2.18

I have a huge list imported from DB (like 300 items) that I need to load into new-udtransferlist
for example:
New-UDTransferList -Item {
New-UDTransferListItem -Name ‘test1’ -Value 1
New-UDTransferListItem -Name ‘test2’ -Value 2
New-UDTransferListItem -Name ‘test3’ -Value 3
New-UDTransferListItem -Name ‘test4’ -Value 4
New-UDTransferListItem -Name ‘test5’ -Value 5

when I load the list it expand over all of the page and I need to scroll alot to get to the transfer button options.

How can I shrink the ud-transferlist object and add scrollbar on the right and the left list

Something like:

I see that the default behavior of this component in MUI is what I expecting, but it doesn’t apply in PSU