New-UDTable Width Post-Upgrade

After upgrading from PSU 2.5.5 to 2.7.3 the UDTables that I have contained in cards no longer expand to fill the width of the card. I tried the -FullWidth parameter and that didn’t appear to do anything. I’d rather not have to manually set column width to achieve this. Is there something I’m missing? Below is a screenshot from 2.5.5. I didn’t think to take one on 2.7.3 before I reverted my change.

I’ll open an issue for this. I know we changed some stuff regarding padding around tables so maybe it had an unintended side effect regarding tables in cards

Excellent, thanks! If it’s at all helpful I can upgrade again temporarily to provide more screen shots or examples.

I’m getting a similar result after updating to 2.7.3. When I put a New-UDTable inside a UDDynamic, the table isn’t full-width. What I’m seeing is that there’s an outer div that has the following properties:
style=“width: auto; margin: 8px;”

It appears that the explicit styling on the div is overriding other properties that the user might set via CSS or themes.
I can work around it by enclosing the table in a div via this command:
New-UDElement -Tag “div” -Content {New-UDTable -ShowPagination -DisablePageSizeAll} -Attributes @{style=@{width=“100%”}} (Data and columns properties ommitted)

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