UDTable column width

Is there a way to specify column width in New-UDTable (Dashboard 3.1.3). As you see in my screeshot below i have a table with some text and lots of numbers. They don’t need equal amount of table width :slight_smile:

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Nothing native to UDTable at the moment to configure this. We are doing a big refresh on the table component since there are soooo many feature requests for it. In 1.5 I’ll make sure you can specify something on New-UDTableColumn to configure the width.

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I’m not sure if this is what you’re after but if you use the UDStyle module you can apply some CSS to the table. What I’ve done with some of my tables is to set the width to fit the content of the column and then added a bit of padding to the right so they aren’t all bunched up together:

New-UDStyle -Style ’
table {
td {
}’ -Content {

Hope this helps :slight_smile: