New-UDTable Disable PageSizeOptions

Hello, is it possible to disable the PageSize options when creating a new table with New-UDTable component ?
I want to prevent the user to change how many rows are displayed.

Thank you by advance.

We don’t have anything exactly for this but you might be able to use a combination of -PageSize, -PageSizeOptions, and -DisablePageSizeAll

New-UDTable -PageSize 10 -PageSizeOptions 10 -DisablePageSizeAll

When I add the -PageSizeOptions parameter, I got this error :
Invalid attempt to spread non-iterableinstance. In order to be iterable, non-array objects must have a Symbol.Iterator method.

Hmmm it must be expecting an array. A bit of a hack but might work:

New-UDTable -PageSize 10 -PageSizeOptions @(10, 10) -DisablePageSizeAll