New-UDProgress -color not working

Hey when using the strait bar, changing the color does not work. Is this a bug?

Hello @SnV I would raise this particular issue on the github or flag @AlonGvili or @adam in the post as I assume either can give the definitive answer if it is a bug or not…

As for not being able to change the colour it may or may not be your lucky day as I have this component:-
which is a progress bar, and if you download the additional module
you can even add steps to the progress bar. I know this progress bar mentioned in my first link does allow you to change the colour. I did do a blog here:-
x2 Progress Wizard Components | Powershell Blog
I know this doesn’t answer your question, but may give you a work-around :slight_smile:

I even did a component for a bunch of different loader spinners here:-

Which again may or may not help…

This is a bug. I’ll open an issue for it.

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Thanks to both of you.