New-UDNivoChart -MaxWidth?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.8.3

Does anyone know how i can create a new-udpaper and get the New-UDNivoChart to fit inside and have it it be responsive at the same time?

    New-UDPaper -Children {
        New-UDRow -Columns {
            New-UDColumn -LargeSize 12 -Content {
                $Data = 1..10 | ForEach-Object { 
                    $item = Get-Random -Max 1000 
                        Name  = "Test$item"
                        Value = $item
                New-UDPaper -Elevation 15 -Children{ # the problem is here when i try to change the background so i can read the chart in dark mode
                #when i use another paper inside a paper the chart goes poof unless i specify the Height and Width
                New-UDNivoChart -Id 'autoRefreshingNivoBar' -Bar -Keys "value" -IndexBy 'name' -Data $Data #-Height 500 -Width 1000

Maybe i am just dealing with a theme bug, because if i could read the text better on the axis then i wouldn’t have to nest it? The font looks good on light mode.

When i have it inside a paper, i cannot read it:

Here is an example of a chart on dark background: