New-UDLink not using the `-Children`/`-Content` Parameters

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.0.1

Links ignore their -content parameter in favour of the default value of their -Text parameter (which is "Ironman Software").

Github issue #2490 opened for this here.

Repro Steps

Create a new link element and pass it a -Url and a -Content (or -Children) argument. Such as in the example below from the Live Docs:

New-UDLink -Url "" -Content {
    New-UDImage -Url "" -Height 20 -Width 20 
} -Id 'link7'

Screenshot 2023-06-23 073528

Expected behavior

The content is rendered and the default value of the `-Text` parameter (`"Ironman Software"`) is ignored.

Actual behavior

The content is ignored in favour of rendering the default `-Text` parameter

Hey, not sure if you ever got a reply with this elsewhere but this behaviour was fixed (not sure which version. I noticed it in 4.0.1 and just upgraded to 4.0.6 where it’s correct.

annnd i should have checked the issue link in your post :man_facepalming:, fixed in 4.0.2 and closed :slight_smile: