New-UDDatagrid a Visule Issue and a feature request

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.3.6

Hi Adam,

i wounder if the Filtercount on the columns are fine or a Style problem?

secound part: why is there only a csv export option? I like to see the excel report option. I like this option from udtable.


1 - This could be a bug but would be a bug with the data grid component we are using. Can you let me know if you still experience the issue here: Data Grid - Filtering - MUI X

2 - We need to get a different license to activate this but I’ve opened an issue for this.

Now I’m not sure what you want to tell me about point 1. My knowledge in this area is less than minimal :wink:

I’ve tried a few things now. With and without a theme. But I’ve found that it doesn’t always happen. The position or the number of elements seems to play a role. If it is the only element, I have the problem that the number of filters is not displayed in full.
Testsite without any other element:

Testsite with other Elements:

and on the Link you provided i cant see this issue with the filter count too.

But a Paper with Typo:

and a Paper with Select:

so i am a little confused :wink: