New-UDChart and Links

I am trying to get the most out of the links from New-UDChart.

Ideally, I would like to be able to click each bar and be taken to the respective pages.

I have added the New-UDLink at the bottom of the Chart, but I was wondering if there was a way to extend the -links functionality (instead of just adding link buttons).

I am looking through the ChatJs documentation to see if I can find anything about links but no luck so far.

Anyone else tried anything like this?

I have copied in my code and screen-shot for review at the bottom of this post.

New-UDChart -Type HorizontalBar -Labels 'Labels' -Links @(
    (New-UDLink -Text "Today Entries" -Url  "$($Pages[$i].name)"),
    (New-UDLink -Text "7 Days Entries" -Url "$($Pages[$i].name)"),
    (New-UDLink -Text "Total Entries" -Url  "$($Pages[$i].name)"))  -Endpoint {   
            'ID' = 'Simple History' 
            'Today' = (Invoke-SqliteQuery -Query ($sh_data_object[$i].Query + " where date(date) = (SELECT DATE('now','localtime'))") -DataSource ( $sh_data_object[$i].Location + '\' + $sh_data_object[$i].Database )).Count 
            'Last 7 Days' = (Invoke-SqliteQuery -Query ($sh_data_object[$i].Query + " where date(date) > (SELECT DATETIME('now','localtime','-7 day'))") -DataSource ( $sh_data_object[$i].Location + '\' + $sh_data_object[$i].Database )).Count 
            'Total' = (Invoke-SqliteQuery -Query ($sh_data_object[$i].Query) -DataSource ( $sh_data_object[$i].Location + '\' + $sh_data_object[$i].Database )).Count }
         ) | Out-UDChartData -LabelProperty ID -Dataset @(
       New-UdChartDataset -Label "Today" -DataProperty "Today" -BackgroundColor "#8014558C" -HoverBackgroundColor "#8014558C" -
       New-UdChartDataset -Label "Last 7 Days" -DataProperty "Last 7 Days" -BackgroundColor "#8000008C" -HoverBackgroundColor "#8014558C"
       New-UdChartDataset -Label "Total" -DataProperty "Total"

Cheers Maylife