New-UDCalendar Month and Weekly View not working


New-UDCalendar Month and Weekly view functionalities are not working. Need some help with this?

Hey @spalania just for clarification what version and edition of UD are you using? Did you also know there is a few other calendar :date: components on If that’s any help in the interim

I am using

Ok thanks for the response…I guess you would be best asking @adam as he is the man behind this component…myself and @augustin.ziegler released which does have a timeline option to display the data, as they say there is always more than one way :grinning: hopefully Adam will be kind enough to throw an example of this…if not will have a butchers at this component myself and see if I can do what you are asking.

Thanks for the lightning-fast reply. We are working on a calendar POC with UDCalendar. We need month and week view implemented ASAP.

Not sure where this exact calendar component came from‚Ķbut basically this ‚Äėfeature‚Äô may or may not exist in the capbabilities of this component if you get me? :crazy_face:
How about having a look through and either myself or another UD forum member might just be able to build the perfect component you are looking for…from having a read through the README on this component I am not sure what you are asking is possible…I maybe wrong but just saying…Peace

P.S just saying there is a lot of components out there have a look and many more… a component that ticks all the boxes, then lets see if it can be built :grinning:

I’ll have to take a look at the UDCalendar component I made. It was throw together in haste as a demo and fully developed.

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Just so we’ve got this thread linked up, I logged an issue for this here:

Although I figured adam was busy with other more pressing issues what with v3 on its way! (excited grin)


Did you manage to get the Month, Week and Day view working?