New-UDAutocomplete - Not populating the textbox with choices

Hello All,

I might be doing something wrong, but using New-UDAutoselect, I cannot get the items selected to show in the textbox. Do I need to do something further to get this to happen. Returning $Body does return the results I expect: Printer1,Printer2,Other

$curPrints = Invoke-SqlCmd -ServerInstance MyServer -Query $query
            New-UDAutocomplete -OnLoadOptions { 
             @($($curPrinters.prtName)) | Where-Object { $_ -like "*$Body*" } | ConvertTo-Json
            } -Id 'selPrinters' -Multiple -OnChange { 
              Show-UDToast $Body 


Are you running at least 3.1.3? Changelog - PowerShell Universal

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Thank you Adam!!
/sigh its been a long week. lol
It would have helped if I would have checked the Change Log. :smiley: I will update to the latest 3.1.X.

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