New-PSScript with Path not showing up in Scripts?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.12.4

Recently, I created on my local machine (not my PSU server) a new directory in the local git repo called Pages and a subfolder called CS. Within I created a new .ps1. I then updated the script.ps1 config file with a new script as so:

New-PSUScript -Name "EPCS-Active-Users.ps1" -Description "Get all active, Customer Service AD Users." -Path "Pages\Customer Service\EPCS-Active-Users.ps1" -Environment "Windows PowerShell 5.1" -ErrorAction "Stop" -InformationAction "Continue"

When I push to the remote git, it works just fine. I can see the PSU server has pulled the changes from the remote just fine. The scripts.ps1 config file on the PSU server shows the new script I created and the server does now have a \Pages\Customer Service directory with the script inside.

However, within the web UI’s Automation → Script section the new script is not showing up? If I go back to the scripts.ps1 config file and update the New-PSUScript command to another -Path (I moved the script to another path) and update, it does show to the new script in the web UI…?

Did I do something wrong when creating the new directory \Pages\Customer Service?

Annnd once again, time would have been on my side! I just created a new page to ingest some info from AD and realized it creates a \pages directory in the local Repository directory… :smile: Basically bad luck naming on my part trying to preemptively create a \Pages directory to store page related scripts in.