New-InstallerShortcut - Error executing shortcuts


When I execute the shortcut, nothing happens.
The shortcut must be run on the workspace, but it is not indicated in the shortcut, in the ‘start in’ field.
Can you please fix this bug?

Must be

Thank you.

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Thank you for posting about this. I submitted a feature request about this #865.

Hi @Hakmoon,

The working directory property has been added to New-InstallerShortcut per #865. More details are in the updated documentation here.

Below is the code which produced the above screenshot

New-Installer -ProductName "MyApplication" -UpgradeCode (New-Guid) -Version 1.0.0 -Content {
    New-InstallerDirectory -PredefinedDirectoryName ProgramFilesFolder -Content {
        New-InstallerDirectory -DirectoryName 'MyAppDirectory' -Id 'MyAppId' -Content {
            New-InstallerFile -Id 'MyApp' -Source 'c:\temp\ConsoleApp1.exe'
    New-InstallerDirectory -PredefinedDirectoryName DesktopFolder -Content {
        New-InstallerShortcut -Name 'MyShortcut' -FileId 'MyApp' -WorkingDirectoryId 'MyAppId'
} -OutputDirectory 'C:\temp\output' -RequiresElevation