New API endpoint documentation feature

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.7.3

Can I create an API endpoint where the there are parameters in the URL and a request body is required using the new documentation feature?

I would like something like:

#region PSUHeader
class MyObject {
    [string] $Name
    [string] $Value

New-PSUEndpoint -Url "/test/:Param1/:Param2" -Method "POST" -Authentication -Endpoint {
    Test endpoint
    .INPUTS Param1
    First URL param
    .INPUTS Param2
    Second URL param
        Required: true
        Description: Object
            application/json: MyObject
    $MyObject = $Body | ConvertFrom-Json

Basically, I want a couple params in the URL and a request body, but I don’t want those params listed in Swagger. If I don’t put the $Name and $Value in the param block I get an error when I call the API, if I do put them in there they show up in Swagger as “query” params… which I don’t want. I want them ONLY in the request body.